MSL2 - My Shrinking Lover 2 (2021© Jyminish-Comics)

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Lucile is still shrinking! Nevertheless, she wants to show her boyfriend she’s still a strong and attractive woman, even at 1.27 m (4’2”). But for how long, if they don't find a solution against her shrinkage? Problem: Flore is secretly in love with Nils. And despite their friendship, she's now thinking there’s an opportunity to have Nils only for herself. Will he be tempted by his tall best friend, or will he remain faithful to his shrinking lover?


Characters: 3 humans (2f/1m)

Places: Work office, Lucile's apartment, Street of Venice

Challenge: Find a way to stop shrinking and keep your man

Ambiance: Contemporary, Love triangle, Shrink ray


Size: Shrinking (f)

Women sizes: Normal, 75%, 50%, 33%, 5%

Man size: Normal

You are at least 18-21 years or older to read my comics.

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