TSB1 - The Size Breaker 1 (2019© Jyminish-Comics)

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Nadia, Sandy, Ashley, Alice and Ludivine are professional young models. They started an additional training for six months at a model school to develop their skills, with hope of working with the greatest fashion designers. But they are being harassed daily by Morbash, a genetically modified man who's serving Enetari, a smart female alien who changed his DNA. Today, Enetari and Morbash are going to take action and kidnap the young ladies, shrinking them and bringing them on Enetari's spaceship for some mysterious reasons. For this operation, Enetari is going to take control of Ashley..


Characters: 7 humans (7f), 3 aliens (2f/1m)

Places: Model school, Street, Enetari's spaceship

Challenge: Run for your life

Ambiance: Contemporary, Futuristic, Shrink ray


Size: Shrinking (f), Growing (f)

Mind: Mind control (f)

Women sizes: Normal, GTS (44'), Half, Doll, Toy

Man size: Normal

You are at least 18-21 years or older to read my comics.

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All parts of this series (links):

The Size Breaker 1 (you're here!)

The Size Breaker 2

The Size Breaker 3 (Soon.. Summer 2021)

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