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Kelly is a hideous young woman. She’s small, fat and ugly. She's looking for a job but no one wants to work with her because of her looks. It’s a huge discrimination, and she’s never been able to do anything against it, until now.. During another job interview failure (leading her to an extreme anger), Kelly accidentally discovers she has the power to steal or give physical and mind attributes, by simple contact and will. Wishing to become tall, thin, muscular and beautiful, Kelly decides to block the elevator where she is with another woman, to take what she wants from her..


Characters: 4 humans (3f/1m)

Places: Work office, Elevator

Challenge: Take revenge on society stealing beauty

Ambiance: Contemporary, Superpowers (attributes theft)


Size: Shrinking (f), Growing (f)

Body: Muscle gain/loss (f), Weight gain/loss (f), BE/BR (f), Legs & feet reduction/extension (f), Face beauty gain/loss (f)

Mind: Mind control (f), IQ up/down (f)

Women sizes: Normal (tall and small swap their sizes)

Man sizes: Normal

You are at least 18-21 years or older to read my comics.

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