AGIF - A Goddess In Fashion (2015© Jyminish-Comics)

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Esther, Alexia, Amber, Rachel and Gwladys are very famous supermodels. On a beautiful morning, Esther claims she got super powers after touching a meteorite. But she doesn't know her powers come from an extraterrestrial parasite which is developping in her brain. The more Esther uses her powers, the more the parasite becomes powerful, until she loses control..


Characters: 8 humans (7f/1m), 1 alien entity

Places: Supermodel agency, Moon

Challenge: Supermodels try to prevent an alien invasion

Ambiance: Contemporary, Superpowers

Special: Vore


Size: Shrinking (f/m), Growing (f)

Body: Muscle gain (f), Weight gain (f), BE/BR (f), TG (m➡f)

Mind: Mind control (f)

Women sizes: Normal, MiniGTS (7'), Half, Doll

Man sizes: Normal, Half, Doll

You are at least 18-21 years or older to read my comics.

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Part 2/2 - A Goddess In Moonlight

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