TSB2 - The Size Breaker 2 (2020© Jyminish-Comics)

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Enetari is kidnapping the young and sexy models with intent to manipulate their DNA to "improve" and sell them as shrunken pets to alien collectors on a planet far far away. But the girls haven't said their last word: once aboard the Enetari's spaceship, they'll try to find a way to restore their size and regain their freedom..


Characters: 9 humans (8f/1m), 3 aliens (2f/1m)

Places: Street, Matis apartment, Enetari's spaceship

Challenge: Unshrink and escape the ship.

Ambiance: Contemporary, Futuristic, Shrink ray


Size: Shrinking (f), Growing (f)

Mind: Mind control (f)

Metamorphosis: To half human and half wolf (f)

Women sizes: Normal, GTS (16', 44'), Half, Doll, Toy, Insect

Men sizes: Normal

You are at least 18-21 years or older to read my comics.

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The Size Breaker 3 (Soon.. Summer 2021)

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