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Aurore (1,61 m / 5'3"), Amandine (1,70 m / 5'7"), Ludivine (1,71 m / 5'7") and Romain (1,80 m / 5'11") are good friends. Aurore and Romain have a romantic relationship, but Amandine is also attracted to Romain. They decide to take some vacation together on a small paradise island, where they can stay as long as they want on one condition: play a mysterious game on site. They'll soon understand that the game controls reality in this dangerous paradise, and that the only way to escape is to finish the game. Reality will be altered at bit more each time they will roll the dice. Their bodies and minds will change too. So, who will roll the dice first?


Note: This is the 1st episode of a new series, I will continue it every summer. As usual, every transformations are detailed (sequences).


Characters: 4 humans (3f/1m)

Places: Work office, Sea, Paradise island

Challenge: Finish the game to escape the island

Ambiance: Contemporary, Love triangle, Magic game


Size: Shrinking (f), Growing (f)

Body: Moderate BE (f)

Women sizes: Normal, 0.64 m (2'1"), 2.20 m (7'2"), 2.95 m (9'8")

Man size: Normal (1.80 m (5'11"))

You are at least 18-21 years or older to read my comics.

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