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Amazing powers! Kelly discovered she can steal mind and physical attributes from people! She has stolen Clea’s size and beauty in the elevator. Now she’s going after Sheri (the superficial woman who humiliated her about her extra pounds). Kelly plans to give her big belly and to take as much as beauty and size she can from her. She will use mind control to give her some a weird obsession. It's payback! Kelly who was small, fat and ugly, will become the tallest and one of the most beautiful women in the world: the beauty, the curves, the size and the intelligence of two magnificent women in one woman.. What will she do next?


Characters: 3 humans (2f/1m)

Places: Work office

Challenge: Revenge, take everything from a bad person

Ambiance: Contemporary, Superpowers (attributes theft)


Size: Shrinking (f), Growing (f)

Body: Muscle gain/loss (f), Weight gain/loss (f), BE/BR (f), Legs reduction/extension (f), Face beauty gain/loss (f)

Mind: Mind control (f), IQ up/down (f)

Women sizes: Normal, Mini-GTS (7'5"), Half

Man sizes: Normal

You are at least 18-21 years or older to read my comics.

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