STH2 - Switching To Hell 2 (2020© Jyminish-Comics)

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Every year during Halloween, Steeven and his house appear on Earth, before returning to hell until the next year. That's the deal he made with the devil to shrink and have any woman he wants. Megane is his 13th victim, she's now stuck in hell with him at her new reduced size: 114 cm (3'9"). She knows she's stuck here for one year. Megane doesn't want obey him, she will try, but the magical substance he will make her drink again will make her crazy about him..


Characters: 2 humans (1f/1m), 1 monster (m), 1 ghost (f)

Places: Steeven's villa in hell

Challenge: Try to fight Steeven and hell

Ambiance: Dark Fantasy, Black Magic


Body: Weight gain/loss (f), BE/BR (f)

Mind: Mind control (f)

Women sizes: Normal, 66%

Man size: Normal

You are at least 18-21 years or older to read my comics.

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Switching To Hell 3 (Soon.. October 2021)

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